b-spot, innovation as difference

When imaging all the b-spot lines, we challenged to rethink every single product in the simplest and most functional way possible.

We focused our long long research:

on Semplicity,
on Efficency,
on the Health of our Fans.


Pursuant to this, we gave life to 010plus with which we revolutionised and fastened a branch of the modern make-up.
The 010plus Concept, is then completed by the whole range of products, each of what was rethougth on the same principle of Efficiency, Simplicity and HealthCare.

On the same principle, we then created the Perfumed Water PureFragrances, which not only, for the first time ever, maintain the natural skin pH, but have even a moisturising effect also.

Keeping this principles, MyEgo; the delicate finish line which will maintain your hair healthy and as hefty as you were looking for too long.

From there on out, ofter our initial success, we gave life to all the other b-spot lines of products which today are simplifying and enhancing the work of all the Hairstylists who took part of the b-spot Project.


010 Plus

We color in 10 minutes.

MyEgo Finish

Ultra Premium Finish.

Pure Fragrances

Hydrating Perfumed Water.

B-Spot Extensions

100% Human Hair.

Our Mission

Oggi il colore è il servizio essenziale dei saloni. Le aziende produttrici di colorazioni per capelli, oltre a migliorare costantemente la qualità, puntano alla riduzione dei tempi di contatto della cute con le sostanze chimiche e tossiche contenute nei prodotti di colore per capelli.

Il progetto B-Spot parte proprio da questo concetto: la riduzione dei tempi di posa con la conseguente minor esposizione della cute al contatto con sostanze chimiche. Finalmente oggi, dopo due anni di ricerca e sviluppo, presentiamo il nostro nuovo prodotto "010 Plus".

B-Spot Brands

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