010 Plus

The 10 minutes colour.

When we began work on the new 010plus 3.0, we considered every element that defines a professional hair-dye – tonality, stability, fragrance, and exposure time.

And we challenged ourselves to find the best, most innovative-looking way possible to master each one of them.

When we put it all together, the result was something entirely new. Something radically different from anything before it.

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The new 010plus 3.0 is projected around the ultra-pure pigments compound, the sole reason because of what it colors in only 10minutes.


The new 010plus is muscle through and through, starting with the new-generation of compound,entirely based on natural components (such as Aloe, xylitol , Litchi Chinesis , Moringa Oliferia) you will notice hydration and regeneration on your scalp.

In addition,acting these natural components as antioxidants, they protect hair and make them visibly more voluminous, therefore you can consider 010plus a real cosmetic treatment.


Every component in the new 010plus is optimized for performance.
Which means you will get superb results even on white-hair and the most refractive ones.


Traditionally, professional hair-dyes have aimed primarily at respecting the promised shades.

With the new 010plus 3.0, we looked ahead and created an even more professional formule. It remains stable once passed the 10minutes, therefore the desired shade is guaranteed even with a few minutes of extra exposure.


The new 010plus 3.0 features an unprecedented amount of innovation, every nuance got the same formula bases, thus the entire line is completely mixable.

In creating a professional hair-dye for the future, we wanted to provide a huge possibilities of expression, without being limited to the number of pre-setted nuances. Rather than creating tons of shades, we built 55 nuances and one neutral, the 0/0. It’s a simple and elegant idea— and also astonishingly functional.In order to achieve whatever shade, the 010plus neutral – 0/0 – can be added to every other nuance, therefore a total and free Hairstylist’s expression is guaranteed as never before. It’s our most expandable line yet. And it has everything you need to create a coloration completely customized to what you need and how you work.


Thanks to a brilliant Idea: the PureTone.Rather than creating a permanent line and a semi-permanent one (ToneOnTone), we organised the colours folder around a single permanent line 010plus. This permanent line is supposed to be twisted with the innovative PureTone, which makes every single nuance semi-permanent (ToneOnTone) when added. In that way we simplified the Hairstylist job, and from here on out you will need to equip yourself with merely one line, to be transformed when needed only.

No hair-dye has been invented this way before. And yet it makes so much sense, it’s now hard to imagine creating one any other way.


The new 010plus looks unlike any other hair-colour. Because it is unlike any other hair-colour. By rethinking the architecture of its internal components, we had the chance to rethink the entire enclosure. And since everything centers around beauty and perfection, we were free to design a much leaner, lighter, nicer, and far more streamlined packaging.

Its unique design and beautiful finishes are executed to an extraordinary degree of precision. And with our magenta and green iconic colours, it’s a beautiful packaging that you will be actually eager to expose in you Salon.


The new 010plus 3.0 is completely created in Italy, where we patented our innovations. Our labs guarantee the presence of secure and safety components, approved by Minister of HealtCare and regulated by the most recent European Community Laws.


Our Mission

Oggi il colore è il servizio essenziale dei saloni. Le aziende produttrici di colorazioni per capelli, oltre a migliorare costantemente la qualità, puntano alla riduzione dei tempi di contatto della cute con le sostanze chimiche e tossiche contenute nei prodotti di colore per capelli.

Il progetto B-Spot parte proprio da questo concetto: la riduzione dei tempi di posa con la conseguente minor esposizione della cute al contatto con sostanze chimiche. Finalmente oggi, dopo due anni di ricerca e sviluppo, presentiamo il nostro nuovo prodotto "010 Plus".

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